About Us

A premium destination company with offices throughout Egypt

Memorable Places

Offices located in all the main destinations throughout the country

Amazing Teams

Our teams are well trained and ready to assist you or your customers 24/7

Modern Transportation

All our fleet are air conditioned and modern with seat belts

New Normal

Being safe and secure durng these trying times is part of our mission

Our History & Goal

Mr Abd el Moneim Hassany founded it in 1988 with a capital of $ 6 million. He believed that travel should be incredible, exciting, refreshing, and memorable, and that Egypt is a land that deserves to be discovered, therefore he titled his company “DISCOVERY TOURS”

Our goal is for your guests to have a great time in Egypt and to exceed their expectations, so we use our knowledge and experience to provide them the little extras that make their vacation that much more memorable. 


Who We Are


Company Director

Ready to answer your questions

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our partners achieve success in the dream destination of Egypt.

Managing a company that covers the entire country and with over 30 years of experience is a passion for us, not just a job.

The team consists of Egyptian and European staff, who are available for you at the end of a phone or e-mail.

Our commitment to providing the best service and product is noticeable throughout the relationship.


Our Mission & Vision



Safe & Secure


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Why Discovery?

Discovery Tours in Egypt is the ideal partner for your tourism company. Our destination management company offers a complete transportation network and offices throughout Egypt. Our offices are located in prime destinations with staff reading and willing to assist all tourists in resort. So whether you just require a transfer or more, ensure your company contacts us today.